Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Rubbed My Wormie... again

Dual-speed waterproof massager with a cute bug design
My first attempts with I Rub My Wormie was a success but I felt this vibe had more to offer. I tried it in the shower very briefly more to test the waterproof claim than to actually get off so I decided to give it another go.

Sometimes I like to get the bathroom all steamy and light scented candles for ambience. But looking at this wormie's face I just decided to rub myself silly. I stepped into the warm spray and flipped the rocker switch to the weaker position. Placing the worm on top of my clit I rocked the head back and forth in a slow rhythm. I got wet really quick. This vibe in addition to being kind of loud is also really strong. I worked the slow rhythm for several minutes before switching to high speed. Almost instantly upon turning this up I felt my chest flush and my thighs start to spasm. God this rezzer is quick.

I think my earlier trouble getting to a clitoral orgasm with this toy had to do with a lack of moisture. I didn't use lube and the Soft2Touch material dragged on my sensitive areas. The shower helped out quite a bit though I was still a little chafed afterwards. I guess next time I'll try I Rub My Wormie with some lube.

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